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Pilates Yoga
Pregnancy Pilates Bum & Tums
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Spin & ABS Ashtanga Yoga
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Belly Dancing Personal Training
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A cardio workout to raise the heart rate and metabolism. Effective for weight loss this class is suitable for all ages.

An indoor class on stationary bikes. Instructors use music and motivation to create an energized atmosphere for a vigorous workout.

An exercise class focused on building strength and increasing flexibility. Pilates teaches correct breathing and improves posture. Primary focus is on core strength, the outcome of this class will be a supple spine, toned abdominals and a strong back. Pilates will make you feel relaxed and energized.

Suitable for teens and adults.

We also offer Prenatal Pilates.

Hatha Yoga
A holistic exercise program which includes stretching, breathing and relaxation. Yoga tones the entire body, builds strength, improves flexibility and joint function while calming the nervous system. Yoga works on the body, mind and spirit.

Suitable for all ages.

Ashtanga Yoga
Also known as power yoga, Ashtanga is a practice of flowing yoga asana(poses) synchronized with the breath to boost the metabolism, improve blood circulation and relieve stress.

Suitable for teens and adults.

Bums and Tums
An aerobic workout focusing on toning the glutei’s and strengthening the abs. A fun and challenging way to achieve the body shape you desire.

Suits all ages.

Fat Burn Step

A groovy step class for early risers. Burns excess calories, strengthening and toning lower body. An energizing start to the day.

Suits all ages.

Step and Sculpt
An exciting step class scheduled at midday to boost energy and burn fat. A toning sculpting and challenging workout.

Belly Dance
Suits all ages. A traditional Arabic dance form. Movements isolate the shoulders, chest, stomach and hips. A graceful way to improve to improve co-ordination, tone the body and have lots of fun!

Suits all ages.

Deep Stretch
A total body workout with an emphasis on stretching and flexibility. This class will improves balance and posture.

Suitable for intermediate and advanced levels only.

Abs Workout
An intensive abdominal workout designed to strengthen and tone the lower body. Glutes, legs and lower back are also given a workout. Basic stretching. core balance and relaxation are also included in the class.

For Members only.

Personal Training

A one-hour one-on-one personalized exercise program designed only for you by a qualified Personal Trainer based on your assessment for your desired goal. For Weight Loss, Weight Gain, Tone and Sculpt, Pre-natal, Endurance and Strength, Cardio-vascular Endurance, Change Lifestyle Programs. 
Fitvibe :
A 45-Minute one-on-one cWBV (controlled Whole Body Vibration) using FITVIBE Machine to attain your exercise goal.

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